Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Injured-runner math

When you mix this:

 Plus this:

Add a dash of this:

You inevitably get a whole lot of this:

Source: http://blog.opentable.com/
Oh. Wait. Never mind.

So if there's such a thing, I continue to do what henceforth will be referred to as aggressive recovery: stretching, yoga, sports massage, chiropractic manipulation and the "other R word" at my house, rest.

Yoga was up at my house last night. When I told my favorite 8-year-old that I wanted company, I was joined by a robot and a bunch of Lego people. I plan to be more specific tonight. 

Here's hoping that our newest runner also develops a liking for becoming a pretzel.

How do you handle rest when you're injured? What do you use as cross training when you can't run? Am I the only one who'd rather run hurt than not run? (Shhhh.... don't tell my doctor!)

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