Sunday, September 7, 2014

Like a virgin (I'm talking miles here, people)

Yeah, so I ran 10 miles today for the fist time. TEN. MILES.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Longest run so far had been just a tad over 9. I've done that a couple of times. But 10? Never thought I'd get into the double digits.

Race day is now two weeks away and I am pumped. I feel like I can definitely do 13.1 now and am very much looking forward to it.

A runner friend from Black Girls Run - Lansing met me downtown Lansing in front of Juice Nation, one of my favorite downtown spots. If you haven't tried their Caribbean Breeze smoothie, stop by and try it. You'll thank me later.

But I digress. Because, you know, food. And pretty flowers.

As much as my last run was uncomfortable, today's run was ideal. I tried out the new Under Armour running capris I bought on clearance at Playmakers yesterday. They're from the HeatGear line and are stretchy, cooling and comfy. They even have small panels on the bottom to help with venting. The waistband is nice and thick and didn't fold over at all.

And -- get this -- no wedgie! Bonus.

I didn't see any more at Playmakers, so I'll be searching the web for more of those puppies tonight.

I think I'm in love.

Also a huge boost to my day's run was the lovely runner chica I got to hang out with today. She's done a half marathon before, but had not run 10 miles in quite a while. Still, she went out to keep me company and we hit the Lansing River Trail, through Potter Park Zoo, by the (wait for it) river.

We even saw three deer, which didn't seem to be all that surprised to see us and meandered out of our path while I fumbled with my iPhone to take a picture. Alas, my phone's storage is basically full, so I have no photographic proof of the encounter.

I did manage to delete enough photos to take this one and, really, isn't this the one that counts? Two happy 10-milers:

And because we both know you won't be able to get that darn song out of your head anyway:

Did you run today? What's your longest run ever? Is it just me, or are running shorts the worst?


  1. Awesome work, chica! So many things to like about this (new nice capris, running friends, mileage PR). I remember my first 10 miler and I smiled for days.

  2. I gotta say, I'm still smiling. And sitting down to get more of those capris. I wasn't sure that anyone would want to hear about my pants problems, but since I solved it, figured it was worth sharing. What do you find most comfortable to run in?