Tuesday, September 2, 2014

For the love of the ... phone call?

Sometimes, it's not your own outing that rekindles your love of the run. Or that gets your butt out the door when you'd rather stay home and eat the chocolate-chocolate-chip muffins you baked last night.

My dear friend's daughter called me just to tell me she'd just run 10 miles (way to go, Taylor!). She's a young woman living and working in Chicago who's also training for her first half, the Detroit Free Press half marathon next month.

The excitement in her voice reminded me of why I'm putting myself through all the training. Through all the yoga (blech). The stretches. The foam rolling. The piles of laundry. Through all the, well, pain.

Her training plan has her ramping up a mile each week, but the weather was so nice, she ran a little farther than her schedule. I didn't want to rain on her parade -- but after the appropriate reaction of glee (I may have squealed) --  I did encourage her to stretch and take it easy the next day. Last thing we want here is for her to get hurt when she's so close to her goal race.

I felt like a wet blanket, bringing her back to reality. I went all mama hen on her. But I've been the one taking myself just a bit beyond my limit. There's a certain high you feel after running mileage you've only read about in Runner's World magazine and in other people's Facebook updates. Who the heck runs 10 miles? On purpose?

There was a time when three miles was beyond my reach. Heck, there was a time when one mile was something I had to plan for. To train for. To force myself to do. It was a struggle.

And then I did a few 5Ks with my favorite 14-year-old. The achievement was real. I have the pictures to prove it, goofy grin and all.

It wasn't that long ago and I hope I don't ever forget that feeling of accomplishment. Of wonder.

Running's one of those things where you can experience that feeling on a weekly basis for what feels like forever. My first 10 miler is next weekend.

Thanks Taylor for reminding me that it's OK to be excited enough to make a phone call. Because only another runner will understand.

So, take my call if you want to hear all about it on Sunday morning!

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