Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A day so good, it made Stephen want to dance

I should have known it would be a good day when I got to the sports med doc.

A new-to-me nurse was trying to get my blood pressure with the automated machine, but the thing just wasn't working.

"You looked like a runner. I should have grabbed my stethoscope. I always have to do runners' blood pressure myself."


Even better news: I've made significant progress. The stretching, yoga, rolling, sports massage, to-my-dismay-little-running approach is working. My dumb butt seems to be getting smarter.

I know, right?!

Oh, it gets better. You jest, you say. Oh, but I do not.

Sports med doc also suggested I give tae kwon do another try. Say what?  I about fell out of my chair.

My first love. Reunited. But will it feel so good?

One thing I've learned after getting sidelined from running is to have patience.

I'm starting out very slow. I dug out a DVD of my former master to practice some of the basics at home. It was amazing how quickly it came back to me. I even worked up a sweat.

Could it get even better? Oh, but it does. My favorite 8-year-old suggested we go for a run. He changed his mind when we got outside, but we still spent some quality time walking around the neighborhood. Just us. And the 100-pound dog.

Yeah, it was a very good day indeed.

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