Saturday, October 11, 2014

Smack talking and passing the torch

New Balance running shoes? Check.

Jacket with a hood for this morning's cool temps? Check.

Attitude? Check.

My favorite 8-year-old was indeed ready to go out with me this morning for what was supposed to be a half-mile warm-up before I ran a mile by myself.

I'm ramping up slowly after being sidelined by an injury, so I welcomed the company.

We walked to the end of the street, then he took off. It was humbling -- and satisfying -- to eat his dust.

We ran/walked a .6 mile route twice. I heard all about the girls who chase him at recess and the bus driver who can't seem to get them home any earlier even though we live a mile and a half from school, and planned out his Halloween costume.

"Is this really as fast as you can run?" he asked innocently during one of our walking segments. "Yeah," I answered, truthfully.

"Slowpoke!" he yelled and ran ahead again.

Few things are as rewarding as seeing my kids pick running over video games. Even when there's smack-talking involved.

I did go back out and ran the same route by myself, then came back for my favorite 100-pound dog for another walk around the block.  While she didn't insult me, she wasn't nearly as entertaining.

I'll take the 8-year-old out any day. We've got our eye on you, Thanksgiving morning 5K race. And we'll be ready.

Maybe by then I'll even have a good comeback.

Do you run with your kids? Do they taunt you, too? Do you have any running-related family traditions?

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