Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Would I lie to you?

Now would I say something that wasn't true?

With apologies to Eurythmics, but if you've met me, you know the answer is no.

So here goes: I went to a chiropractor and my physical therapist yesterday and they both told me that there's nothing else they can do to address the pain in my butt cheek. They both sent me back to my sports medicine doctor for more tests. Maybe an MRI.

Can I still run? Sure, since the pain actually subsides during my run and doesn't feel worse after. I had even gone without any Aleve for a week in deference to any important organs that have taken a hit since this all started back in April.

Should I run? There's the rub. Chiro man said yes. In the interest of full disclosure, the man's a marathoner and is currently running with a torn labrum in his hip. Talk about ouch.

PT man? He's hesitating, which is his polite way of saying, "lady, you're crazy if you keep this running up." I've been going there for a few years (for the aforementioned shoulder surgery rehab) and they've been fantastic about my bum issue.

Where does that leave me? I can continue to train, run my race on Sept. 21, and go back to the doc to start at the beginning to see what is causing all of these problems.

Or, I could just stop training, back off significantly on my running and hope the pain subsides so that I can train for a much-later race or even not run my first half this year.

Lots to think about.

Oh, wait. I said I wouldn't lie to you. We all know I will probably keep training, ignore the pain and run the race, of course. That is, unless I can get in to see sports med doc man any time soon and he has different plans. Wonder how polite he'll be.

Update: What stage of runner's grief do you think I'm in the middle of? Hat tip to Shut Up and Run blogger Beth Risdon. Just don't click on those links if you are easily offended. And if you're not, you're in for a treat.

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