Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wonder Woman! (Sing it with me. You know you want to.)

I did it. I beat the overwhelming desire to stay in bed this morning when the alarm went off. I got up, fueled (Dunkin' Donuts again. Don't judge me.), got dressed and drove downtown Lansing to join my Black Girls Run! Lansing team mates.

Ended up running six miles, even though I had told myself I'd run a couple. Then three. Then four.

I felt like Wonder Woman

Sans the satin tights. Or the magic that I do. But a wonder nonetheless.

We ran the Lansing River Trail under very dark skies and temps in the 40s. I don't do 40s, but there I was, bundled up in a tech T-shirt, a light-weight zip up and a fleece running sweatshirt, plus my new capris. Thank goodness I also brought a hat.

That all said, the stripping started about a mile into the run and didn't end until I was in my T and capris, the two tops tied around my waist. I can't decide if that's going to work for me next week for my half. Will have to try it one more time for a longer run.

We saw lots of other runners and a handful of bikers. Can't say I blame them. Despite some drizzle, it really was a relatively nice day for a run along the river. 

Or to walk around the grass if you're a Canadian goose or a peacock, apparently. Let's just say my dog's going to be sniffing my running shoes for days.

I'm very grateful to my  BGR! Lansing runner chicas because there was no way I was getting out there this morning without them. If you're struggling to get your butt out the door, there's nothing like having a bunch of friends waiting for you to get it in gear.

Another option, of course, is to bribe yourself with something like a Caribbean Breeze smoothie from Juice Nation. There was nothing tropical about today's run, but the smoothie was my little ray of sunshine. Cheers!

What gets you out the door when your bed is whispering sweet nothings in your ear? What's your favorite bribe to get you out the door?

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